Qualitative Research Methodology in English Education designed to equip postgraduate (M.Ed.) students with QR knowledge and skills from ontological and epistemological orientations through design and data collection processes for use in their postgraduate studies. In this course, postgraduate students will be trained to critically navigate, observe, and see current phenomena in the area of English language education at theoretical and practical levels to allow the students to frame their future QR project informed by a particular theoretical/conceptual orientation and previous empirical studies. In terms of research design, the students will learn narrative inquiry, case studies,and critical discourse studies in the field of English language education. They will be trained to critically engineer each of the QR designs with reference to research problems, research contexts, research questions and contributions, as well as methodological considerations (e.g., ontology-epistemology, ethics, participant recruitment/text selection, data collection methods, and data analysis). Throughout the course, the students will engage in dialogical lecture, group work, tutorials, and course practicums (e.g., doing/conducting observation/interview, data collection protocol design). They will undertake a mini QR study as part of the course requirements and as a means of trying out their QR research knowledge and skills in practice.