English for specific purposes (ESP) is a subset of English as a second or foreign language. It usually refers to teaching the English language to university students or people already in employment, with reference to the particular vocabulary and skills they need. As with any language taught for specific purposes, a given course of ESP will focus on one occupation or profession, such as Technical English, Scientific English, English for medical professionals, English for waiters, English for tourism, etc.[1] Despite the seemingly limited focus, a course of ESP can have a wide-ranging impact, as is the case with Environmental English.[2]

English for academic purposes, taught to students before or during their degrees, is one sort of ESP, as is Business English.

Deskripsi Matakuliah

Mata Kuliah ini mengkaji tentang definisi, pembagian, langkah – langkah atau prosedur pembelajaran bahasa Inggris dan juga membahas metode – metode pengajaran dan teknik pembelajaran serta pengajaran bahasa inggris secara khusus. 

This subject discusses how to assess English proficiency.

This course enables students to understand and apply the concept of teaching acts, teaching strategies, and learning strategies in English Language Teaching (ELT); expository learning, active learning, inquiry learning, cooperative learning, affective learning and many more.