Academic/Scientific Writing is designed to acquaint you with academic writing and introduce you to critical reading and writing strategies that will assist you in successfully engaging the intellectual conversations swirling around you in college and beyond.  The course covers how to state and develop a central idea of an essay, organize paragraphs into logical sequence, and integrate the ideas of others into a paper that expresses the writer's own analysis as developed through multiple drafts. You will develop your essays through some stages which include prewriting, planning, drafting, rewriting, and revising. You will also engage in providing and receiving feedback on the working drafts through group discussions with your classmates. Since good writing, in general, is the result of hard work in combination with vigilant practice, this class will require you to work hard and on a consistent basis.

This course discusses errors found in written English, including sentences with one clause, sentences with multiple clauses, sentences with reduced clauses, sentences with inverted subjects and verbs and analyzes the factors that cause errors in English sentences.

Mata kuliah ini mengkaji konsep-konsep kependidikan Bahasa Inggris dengan menggunakan media informasi dan komunikasi yang efektif untuk diajarkan kepada siswa. 

Mata kuliah ini bertujuan membekali mahasiswa dengan teori serta pengetahuan tentang Psycholinguistics yang meliputi teori-teori Psycholinguistics pengorganisasiannya. Cakupan materi meliputi istilah-istilah spesifik linguistik, Psycholinguistics (Definition, Scope, and Branches), Language Nature, Language Comprehension, Language Acquisition (First LA, and Second LA) and The Language Teaching Process. Perkuliahan diselenggarakan dengan ceramah, diskusi dalam kelompok-kelompok kecil maupun berpasangan, membaca terbimbing (guided reading), dan Students Centered Learning (SCL). Penilaian pencapaian Pembelajaran mahasiswa dilakukan melalui partisipasi perkuliahan, penugasan berupa reading reports, kuis-kuis, ujian tengah semester, dan ujian Akhir semester.

This subject is intended to enable students to understand concepts and related to definition and scopes of psycholinguistics, language acquisition, language comprehension, language production, language and memory, language and brain, language and speech disorders 

Scientific Writing is designed to help students develop their academic and professional writing skills and strategies in English with the emphasis on critical reading response and proceedings paper writing. The course guides them through all stages of the writing process from planning using brainstorming including free-writing, mind mapping, listing and outlining; drafting and revising; to proofreading and providing/receiving feedback through peer review. In this course students will also practice academic writing skills which include summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, organizing your ideas, doing basic library research, supporting their claims with good forms of evidence, and preparing citations. Although the primary aim of this course involves helping them build their proficiency and confidence as a writer of English, they will also devote time and effort to improving their reading and critical reasoning skills to support their research and writing activities.

This subject deals with a way to present a conference paper in the seminar or a workshop. There are 3 core themes : the purpose of teaching English across the primary, junior and senior high schools, the content, and pedagogical approaches for teaching English.

Mata kuliah ini membahas tentang pengertian etika/profesi kependidikan dan profesionalismenya, guru sebagai tenaga profesional, proses peningkatan profesi guru, persyaratan guru, etika profesi dalam pendidikan, tugas, tanggung jawab, dan peran guru, kompetensi guru, pemanfaatan high touch dalam pembelajaran, kode etik guru Indonesia, dan prosedur sertifikasi guru.