This study is discuss about all knowledge that students could take from out of University, which is called extended School education. In this study students are asking to master the way of teaching learning, how to manage the class and how to guide students to enjoy the class and the process of teaching learning.

This course discusses errors in written English, including sentences with one clause, sentences with multiple clauses, sentences with reduced clauses, sentences with inverted subjects and verbs and analyzes the factors that cause errors in English sentences.

This course provides students with learning experiences in writing scientific articles for various purposes in the form of essay type. learning activities are conducted in and outside  classroom consisting of modelling ( giving examples), discussing grammatical mistakes, discussing theories and techniques including the characteristics of good writing, expository mods, etc. outside classroom activities are in the form of outlining, mind-mapping , and developing the outline into a comprehensive essay . Evaluation  is based on the student's writing including the content, organization, mechanics, and grammatical features.