This is an introductory course in creative writing: emphasis on poetry and creative nonfiction. No previous experience is required. This course is designed to give students the opportunity to think and write creatively, thus think of our classroom as an artist's studio. We will write and rewrite, collaborate, discuss, and build. Most of our time in this course will be spent reading and discussing each other's creative work. During workshop, we will offer constructive feedback in both small and large groups. My role as the instructor is to encourage you to love writing and to guide you as you hone your craft.

Setelah mengikuti perkuliahan ini mahasiswa memiliki kemampuan menjelaskan dan menganalisa tentang kondisi bahasa pada masyarakat yang sedang berkembang, mata kuliah ini membahas tentang :

1. sociolinguistics

2. language function

3. communication

4. speech act and speech event

5. bilingualism and diglossia

6. multilingualism and sign language

7. interference and integration

8. code switching and code mixing

9. language attitude, death, planning and policy

10. language and culture